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E1T1 Invitational

04/06/2019, 8:30am EDT
By Horace Neysmith

(ORLANDO, FL) Friday was a short night for the annual E1T1 Invitational but still long on talent. The evening opened up with state rival match=up of Showtime Ballers and 1Family. In this day an age of neglecting the defensive side of the ball for the more crowd pleasing offensive minded bucket getter, the Showtime Ballers showed that ball hawking defense is still a path to success.

After his teams slow start Adrelin "Ray Ray" Robinson and Ronnie Johnson turned up the heat, causes turnovers and forced sjhots that led to buckets on the other end. In the process it gave Jameon Harris time to knock the webs off his offense as he closed out the half with a late rush of 10 points and a path to victory. Emondre Bolles, who arrived late from Savannah, tried to ignite his crew but was still feeling the effects of his long drive and late start.

Top performers:

2021 5-10 Adrelin Robinson Ray Ray (Showtime Ballers) Love his attacking defensive mindset. He was the catalyst of the Ballers defense but also has a nice pull-up game and quick handles. He was effective in the lane with his ability to use both hands to finish.

2021 6-2 G Jameon JJ Harris (Showtime Ballers) Is the offensive weapon for the Ballers that can score it from outside and on attacks to the rim. 1 Family did a very good job of forcing into tough shots but after set;ing down he found his offensive groove. Does a nice job of advancing ball up court. 

2021 5-10 G Ronnie Johnson (Showtime Ballers) Another fierce defender with speed and shot making ability. He was the beneficiary of turning defense to offense, converting on his many transition opportunities.

2021 6-2 G Emomdre Bolles (1Family) - He possess the tools needed for a scoring guard. He can get in the lane with his change of direction and quicks, with the ability to finish with both hands. More shot maker than shooter, solid defender.


2023 6-8 F Matthew Bewley (Team Breakdown) Very active forward with good rebounding instincts. He was very active on the glass and as rim protector. Good athlete with length and motor, High potential player that can develop into WF as his development expands. Love his energy.

2023 6-8 F Ryan Bewley (Team Breakdown) The other half of the twins, RB has similar characteristics of his brother. Motor, active on the glass  plays both ends. High potential, energy.

2023 6-3 G Marvel Allen (Team Breakdown) Another high major prospect for Breakdown along with the twins. Combo guard  that can score it off the bounce, has strength to finish in the lane and defends. 

2022 6-4 G Deshaun Jean-Charles (Team Breakdown) Is a strong downhill guard with good passing skills. He creates match-up problems for opposing guards with his size and attacking style. Good defender.

2022 6-3 G Riley Kugel (1Family) His team struggled against the length and athleticism of Team Breakdown but it wasn't due to Kugel. He has good ball skills, loves to attack lane and handles ball pressure. He didn't put of many jumpers but stroke looks good. Rebounds position.

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