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The Battle for Georgia crowns champions

07/08/2019, 7:45pm EDT
By Horace Neysmith

TSF (15), Game Elite (16) and Georgia Knights (17), capture titles

The Battle for Georgia, with eight teams in each division, matched shoe affiliated and non-shoe teams in a one day, one game elimination event. No more social media talk about whose best, lets take it to the hardwood, stake your claim and with a shot clock.

I made it a point to mention a shot clock because in games like these there’s a tendency for coaches to hold the ball when they grab a lead, not at the Battle for Georgia, no lead is safe, you must play till the end.


6-2 PG Bruce Thornton (TSF) - He’s the definite leader for TSF, he sets the tone on both ends and with Devin Ferrell form one of the best defensive backcourts around. On Sunday Thornton not only showed a willingness to take the jumper but had success at it. The ability to do that will make it hard on defenses since he already is tough downhill.

6-7 F Chauncey Wiggins (TSF) Put Wiggins on the VERY short list of tops in the Georgia 2022 class, with top 25 potential nationally. Yes, he has a three point trigger, guards well, has solid handles, very efficient and great length but most importantly he’s gotten better every year since I first saw him in 8th grade. Translation, he works hard on his game. It also helps that the bloodlines include a mom and dad that played college ball and understand what it takes to get better. With where the game is going, Wiggins is the prototype.

6-1 PG Scoot Henderson (Game Elite Big 5) Henderson was his usual self, hard to keep out the lane, keeps pressure on the defense with his speed and change of direction and non-stop energy. 

6-7 F Joyful Hawkins (Game Elite Big 5) Although he now has company for the top big in the class with Wiggins and Ewin, Hawkins can still be a handful. He has good length, shot blocking ability and is always a threat on the offensive glass.

6-3 PG Dillon Hunter (Georgia Stars) I believe each player should have something definitive they can hang there hat on and with Hunter its his defensive ability. In his match-up with Thornton he gave him problems with his length and quicks. Hunter, comfortable in setting up his teammates, defending and rebounding his position, all reasons why he is USA Team member, looked for his offense more on Sunday.

6-4 SG Robert Cowherd (Georgia Stars) Known as a shooter, I willingness to attack the paint off the dribble and more aggression on the glass. Looks to be in better condition allowing to be more than a spot shooter.

6-9 C Malique Ewin (YRN) He will be a problem once he improves his conditioning which I’m sure will happen at Berkmar this year. Ewin does things you don’t teach and is very instinctive. On one play Sunday as the ball was going out of bounds, he chased it down and using his only option through a perfect behind the back bounce pass to his cutting teammate for an easy layup. He can make plays from the high post, hit the 15 footer and has soft touch in the lane.

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