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CP3 Rising Stars Camp

07/30/2019, 9:30am EDT
By Darnell Tate

I got a chance this last weekend to cover the CP3 Rising Stars Camp and it was loaded with talent. I like it to be known, my evaluations are not rankings and these are the kids I had a chance to evaluate. The one and only day I attended the camp. I didn’t rank, do all-stars or politics. Just straight evaluations.

2023 Ethan Kizer 6’6 WF (Metamora Township) Metamora, IL
He was by far one of the most impressive kids in the camp. He had unlimited range and a picture perfect jumper. He has tremendous bounce and a flair for the game. He got his teammates involved and seemed genuinely happy with their success. He should be a major factor when he steps on to his high school team next year

2023 George Washington 6’0 PG (St Michaels Catholic) Austin, TX
He has all the tools to be a great PG. He’s jet quick, bouncy, savvy and has a great I.Q. He can score at it at every level and his stroke from deep is sweet. He sees the floor well and is very good at distributing the ball. He is also tenacious on defense.

2023 Nahmier Robinson III 5’8 PG (Rainer Beach) Seattle, WA
Is a small quick guard that gets wherever he wants to go and creates easy opportunities for his teammates. He’s a tremendous athlete, who hasn’t even come close to reaching his potential.

2023 Akil Watson 6’6 F (Patrick School) Middletown, NY
He’s a wiry wing, that looks the part. He looks to do the right things. Will be a lot better when his coordination catches up with his length and size. He had decent footwork and knows how to play within himself.

2023 Cam Medley 5’10 PG (Camden High) Philadelphia, PA
He’s a typical philly guard. He played 94 feet and attacked the rim with reckless abandonment, on the offensive end. His energy was contagious on the defensive end. I watched his team go on run after run, with him being the catalyst.

2023 Jessiah Pierre-Johnson 6’2 G (Chaminade-Madonna) Miami, Fl
He is a nice size guard that plays both ends of the floor. He really uses his body well and does not settle for long shots unless he is left open. He can shoot the mid-range jump shot.

2023 Kenyon Lewis Jr 6’4 F (Chapin High) El Paso, TX
He’s a very active athlete with a nice strong frame. I will keep an eye on him. Has nice feel for the game and has pretty good versatility. Has a very nice upside.

2023 Aiden Holloway 5’11 PG (Covenant Day) Charlotte, NC
He’s one of the most talented point guards in the country. He can flat out shoot it. He had an excellent feel for the game. He does a great job of creating space on his shot. He has great court vision. Plays beyond his years.

2023 John Butler 6’10 C (Christ Church Episcopal)
He has great length and is a decent perimeter shooter with a rack of potential. He did a good job walling up and moving his feet on the defensive end. He needs to assert himself more on the offensive end. He has potential to be very very special.

2023 Jaylen Curry 6’ G (Vance) Charlotte NC
He is extremely fun to watch and dangerous in transition. Speedy fast lefty guard that finishes well at the rim and knows how to drop it off. He has all the tools to be special at the high school level and beyond.

2023 Caden Bell 6’ G (Fayetteville Academy) Durham, NC
He’s fast and can score it inside and out. He shoots it with major rang. He’s more effective when playing up tempo and attacking on offense. When he wanted to guard, he was a more than capable defender.

2023 Mekhi Grant 6’8 C (Olympic High) Charlotte, NC
He’s a long athlete that has the tools to be a major match up nightmare on the high school level. He was aggressive and finished around the basket. He isn’t afraid to mix it up in the paint. He has a very nice upside.

2023 Jayden Nicholson 6’4 PF (Whitfield High) St Louis, MO
He’s a non-stop bully when attaching the cup. He may only go one way and that’s to the left, but he was unstoppable when doing that. He has very good athleticism for his size and has a body that can chisel up. He was tenacious on the boards on both ends. Only thing had me nervous, he seemed to get bored at times and drop his level of the play to the competition. If that’s corrected, he will be a terror next year in high school.

2023 Jackson Shelstad 5’10 PG (West Linn) West Linn, OR
He has one of the purest strokes for any PG in his class. He gotten better at distributing and trusting his teammates more. He showed me excellent court vision this weekend. He’s become a better on ball defender and is great at playing the lanes. He just needs to stop cheating on defense and needs to bring it every time he steps on the court, because with hype, comes a target.

2023 Jordan Ross 5’10 PG (Pleasant Grove) Cedar Hills, UT
He’s a silky smooth PG that plays with a great pace and great court vision. He has a nice stroke and will knock down the open three. He’s a good defender but must get stronger and more physical. You can tell he’s a student of the game.

2023 Jacolb Cole 6’5 WF (Bellaire) Houston, TX
He’s athletic and has a heck of a motor. He runs the floor like a greyhound and finishes at a high percentage. He oozes potential. He’s athletic and agile. He runs the floor with best of them. He has decent skills and knows how to play. He just needs to be more consistent and up his motor.

2023 Dewayne Gibbons 5’11 PG (Johnson High) St Paul, MN
He’s a phenomenal athlete and a lock down defender. He played with a non-stop motor and finishes at the rim with ease. He has decent handles looked like a running back or defensive back on the court. He seemed to get every loose ball.

2023 Sam Walters 6’9 C (The Village Charter School) The Villages, FL
He’s long, skilled and plays with an attitude. He may be a little light, but that didn’t stop him from competing in the paint. He knocked down the occasional 3 ball and put the floor on the floor and attacked the rim. The skies the limit, with his height and his skill level continuing to develop.

2023 Tristan Gross 6’1 SG (Calvary Christian) Pinellas Park, FL
Their is always that one kid that you watch coming to camps year in and year out and you say, “he’s good but is the stage top big?”Well that’s Tristan. Well guess what his game has caught up to the stage. He was by far one of the best pure shooters in the game. He has unlimited range and isn’t afraid to pull it uncontested or contested. I’m very happy with the growth of his game.

2023 David Delancy 6’3 CG (Somerset Academy) Pembroke Pines, FL
He’s a physical and strong combo guard. He plays with a high I.Q. and knows how to use his strength. He showed better court vision and handles this weekend, but still needs to stay aggressive attacking the basket. His shot was streaky at times but shooting isn’t a problem for him. He must stay aggressive and engaged at all times, to be the most effective.

2023 Justin Edwards 6’4 WF (IMHOTEP) Philadelphia, PA
He’s a long aggressive lefty with good athleticism and can put the ball on the floor and create. I like his craftiness and has nice bounce to go along with his length. He was guarding multiple positions, which is always a plus.

2023 Reid Ducharme 6’6 WF (Noble & Greenough) Milton, MA
He looks to have all the tools to be really good. Will be really good when he learns how to use his team. Showed he can score the ball both inside and out. Has an all around skill set, with the size to go with it. At times he looked terrific and other times looked just to be out there.

2023 Gus Yalden 6’8 PF/C (De Pere High) Appleton, WI
He’s extremely active and physical. He runs the floor very well and plays hard on both ends. He’s tenacious on the offensive and defensive boards. He’s a real blue collar player and the type you need on your team to win. He may be the least herald on the loaded ‘Team Griffin’, but for me this past weekend may have been the most impressive out of the bunch.


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