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John Lucas Lab Experience

04/07/2017, 8:15am EDT
By Darnell "Tate" Johnson

This was just the 2nd year for the Lab Experience and I think once again it was a success. I definitely see three or four kids that should have a legitimate shot at a future McDonalds All-American Game and quite a few that should garner an invite to a future NBPA Top 100 Camp.

Below is a few standout players I evaluated below:

2018 Jaedon LeDee 6'9 F (Kincaid HS) Woodlands, TX

It's been a while since I've seen Jae and he's even more impressive then the last. He's gotten stronger and he uses it to his advantage. He still has the skill set to take it off the rim and go coast to coast. His mid range games gotten much better and he's not forcing his shots like before. 

2018 Nigel Hawkins 6'4 G (Cy Falls HS) Houston, TX

He's been coming to Lucas Camps for a minute and each time I've seen him he seems to get better and better. This year I heard he made a tremendous leap during the high school season. Well the way he played this past weekend, I see it carrying over to the AAU circuit. The kid plays with non-stop energy and always seems to be having fun. I love his personality. He can handle it, stroke it and get to the basket and doesn't mind contact. He's tenacious on defense. As you can see I consider him the total package.

2018 Seneca Knight 6'5 G/F (Northside HS) Lafayette, LA

I've never seen this kid play before and believe me his game grew on me throughout the weekend. He went against LeDee and didn't back down. Now Jae was too big and strong for him, but that didn't stop him from competing. After his battles with Jae, he took his aggression out on every other player he faced. He knocked down the deep shot, the mid-range jumper and attacked the glass and a at times finished above the rim. He has a complete game and I look forward to seeing how that develops.

2018 Romello Wilbert 6'2 G (The Woodlands) Woodlands, TX 

A real strong guard with a good body and knows how to use it. He has a very mature game and understands his strength and plays to them. He's great at getting to the rim and finishing. He plays very aggressive. He's working hard on his PG skills, but he's showed he's more effective as a scorer. He showed he can knock down the three ball and that's always a plus with a physical guard.

2018 Doumbia Souleymane 7' (Athlos) San Antonio, TX

He keeps impressing me ever time I see him play. He's always been active, now his skill set is catching up. His footwork has gotten better and he's showing good touch to 15 feet. He's a aggressive  shot-blocker and dominant on the boards. He always ran the floor and that hasn't stopped.

2018 Darius Mickens 6'2 G (Willis High) Houston, TX

He's an athletic guard that will put it on your head if your not careful. He has a quick first step and a nice mid-range jumper. Most of his best work was done in the open court. He's great at filling the lane or taking it himself and finishing. He will guard you 94 feet.

2018 Blake Foley 6'7 F (Houston Christian HS) Houston, TX 

He's not very athletic, but he more than makes up for it with his toughness and his I.Q. He uses his body very well in the post and he can finish with either hand. He competes and bangs on the glass. He absorbed fouls all weekend and just played through them.

2019 Anderson Kopp 6'4 G (RCHA Homeschool) Houston, TX

He seems to play with a chip on his shoulders. He's not afraid to get in your face and go at you. He can stroke it from anywhere on the court and he's got sneaky bounce when he attacks the basket. He has good court vision and showed he can get his team into its offense.

2019 Jabari Sanders 6' G (Brennan HS) San Antonio, HS

He has a real smooth game. I really liked his feel. He played with a very good I.Q. His stroke was sweet. I just liked his understanding of the game and that's very rare for most young fellas.

2019 Kionte Cornelius 5'11 G (Spring HS) Spring, TX

He handled the ball on a string and loved to push it. If you ran the court and filled the lane he found you. He had no problem finishing the break on his own. He has a decent jumper, but it still needs some work. He will guard you and if your lazy with the ball, he's going the other way.

2019 Charles Smith 6'4 G (Westbury Christian) Houston, TX

For a shooting guard, he has very good handles and very good court vision. He can score at will, but played very unselfishly. He has a sweet stroke that can hit you from anywhere on the court. He competes on both ends. His defense doesn't take a backseat to his offense. He's another player that seemed to have fun while he competed.

2020 Greg Brown 6'9 F (Vandergrift HS) Austin, TX

It's scary how good he has become and how far his potential reaches. His best attribute, is he's a humble kid that listens and is willing to learn. He handles the ball well for his length and he's a very good passer in the post and off the dribble. He still must get stronger, so most of his damage is in the open court, where at times he can be outright scary. He loves to compete on the defensive end and doesn't care how much bigger and stronger you are, the kid won't back down. The skies the limit for this young fella.

2020 Zaire Wade 6'2 G (Mt. Caramel HS) Chicago, IL

The young man plays with good patience and doesn't let the game get to fast for him. He has a very good I.Q. and likes to get his teammates involved. He can score at all three levels and navigates well in traffic. When he wants to, he has the ability to be a heck of a defender. He must get stronger, because taking contact isn't his strength. When he does that, his game will take a tremendous leap.

2020 Dahveon Morris 5'11 G (Mt. Caramel HS) Chicago, IL

This young man came in with a motor and it didn't stop till the camp was over. He guarded 94 feet every game. He has outstanding handles and had no problem getting to the cup. When the game slows down and it doesn't slow him down, he thrives. Being a great PG you must learn to play with pace. He played with the same energy in stations as he did in games, which is a rarity.

2020 Oscar Ochoa 6'1 G (Shepton HS) Plano, TX

This young man is smooth and plays at good pace. He has a nice stroke and a real nice feel for the game. He was aware of where everybody was on the court and seemed to make it a point to spread the ball around. He's a little light in the seat and must get stronger and a little tougher, but that will come in time.  I love his skill set.

2020 Jace Howard 6'4 F (Ranson Everglades HS) Miami, FL

He's one of the most energized and eager to learn kids in the camp. He listens and plays hard all the time. For a young kid his body has already started to take form. His jumper looked better and he's competing in the lane and finishing. He has shown improvement since I last laid eyes on him.  

2022 Bryce Griggs 6' G (Provision Academy) Lake Jackson, TX 

The young man plays with lots of confidence. He comes to play every time I've seen him. He thrives against major competition, regardless of class. He can shoot from deep, but showed he's more dangerous when attacking the basket. He looks to get his teammates going, before he looks to try to take over. He's been one of the best in his class for years and I don't see that changing.


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