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2017 Ashton Arnold Invitational

04/10/2017, 6:00pm EDT
By Darnell "Tate" Johnson

This was my second year covering the Ashton Arnold and once again i was impressed with the talent. This will be an event I will cover every year.

Below is a few of the standout players I covered:

2017 DeShundre Rucker (Upstate Warriors)

An unsigned senior who showed talent and made some good plays. He's losing skilled, jet quick and has a nice touch. If he could be consistent and put it all together, he could help a nice Division II program.

2018 Demarcus Leamon (Upstate Warriors)

He's a not a true point guard, but can get you into your offense. He's a very intense player that plays hard all the time. I loved the effort he put in on defense.

2018 Pantry McKinney (Upstate Warriors)

He's very bouncy and plays with a non-stop motor. He showed limited me skills, but at times surprised me with a nice move. He has one more year to get it together. If he does, I can definitely see him playing college ball somewhere.

2018 Darius Bond (GA Heat)

He did it all that weekend. He knocked it down from deep and attacked the basket. He was an in your face defender. He made big play after big play all weekend. He was definitely the glue guy for this team, that won the 17 and under championship.

2018 Mandarius Dickerson (GA Heat)

Hands down one of the best shooters I've seen in this class. He had no conscious and hit many of his shots with a hand in his face. His best attribute is his confidence. He shot every shot like it was suppose to go in.

2018 Dylan Orr 6'5 (GA Heat) 

An undersized post player that has some of the best post moves I've seen in this early spring. He will also surprise you with his sneaky athleticism. He more then once dunked on an opposing players head.

2019 Booker Cusaac 6'5 (SC Hornets)

He has good length and size. He has a sweet stroke from deep and plays under control. He wasn't scared to put the ball up.

2019 Omar Croskey 6'4 (SC Hornets)

You can tell he was the leader of the team and didn't hesitate to hold his teammates accountable. He has a high octane motor and made big play after big play. 

2019 Ryan Green 5'6 (SC Hornets)

He's a small undersized point guard, but played with mad heart and knows how to run team. He seemed to always play under control and knew where all his teammates were suppose to be on the court.

2019 Traye Carson (Team SC)

He's an undersized point guard, that knows how to run a team. He played with a good pace and never seemed to get ahead of himself. He was a hard nose on ball defender. He didn't take many bad shots and understood the importance of getting his teammates involved first.

2019 Donta King (Team SC)

He has good size and is strong, bouncy and physical. He showed good footwork and post moves. He passed well out the double team. I likes the way he ran the floor. Has a nice upside.

2019 Chase Claxton (Team SC)

He is the little brother of 6'9 Nic Claxton Georgia commit. He may not be as long as his brother yet, but he has a similar motor. He is more skilled then Nic was at this age. I like his instincts and how he crashes the glass. He seemed to play within himself and let the game come to him.

2019 Kendarius Fant-Miles (SC Raptors Elite)

I hear he's a football star and I can see it. He has all the tools. He's jet quick, great body and very physical. He plays hard and physical for 94 feet. He got to the basket at will. He seemed to absorb contact and finish with ease.

2019 Tyavias Danzy (SC Raptors Elite)

He's physical with a non-stop motor, that seemed to relish contact. He's a little undersized, but more then makes up that with effort. He showed a nice touch from 15 feet in. 

2019 Landon Shaw (SC Raptors)

A real heady point guard. There's no doubt he was the leader on the court and held his teammates accountable. He has a nice smooth game and plays with a real good pace. The game never seemed to get to fast for him.

2020 Rayshun Harrison (SC Raptors)

He continues to develop and that's what you expect from a talent. He can score at all three levels. He doesn't force it and understands how important it is for his teammates that get involved too. His teammates seem to thrive off his energy.

2020 Draylon Burton (SC Raptors)

He does all for the Raptors. He gets buckets, drops dimes and will hit the glass. He likes to get in the lane and make things happen. He best when the game is helter skelter.

2020 Brenton Benson (SC Raptors)

He likes to hit the glass and is very aggressive. He understand get in the paint and get his money. He still has a lot of development in front of him, but with his work ethic I see  major growth happening.

2022 Zyaire Ivery 6'4 (SC Raptors)

He's long and played with much energy. He worked hard on both ends. He oozes with potential. I look forward to seeing his game grow.

2022 Caleb Byrd (SC Raptors)

I really like Caleb feel and I.Q. for the game. He seems to make everybody on the floor better. You can't teach his leadership skills. He plays to win and I like that.

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