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NYBL Finals

06/21/2017, 2:45pm EDT
By Jarrod Lindsey

ATLANTA, GA - The NYBL finals was full of talent. I was able to catch some of the games on championship Sunday. One thing that stood out to me about the kids in this event is their understanding of the game at their age. It was a number of kids on display that has a high basketball IQ. Here are just a few of those kids that stood out:

2021 F Madison Durr (Team Power) did a good job of letting the game come to him. He showed patience when he catches the ball at the free throw line, kept the ball, above his head, and found open teammates or attacked the basket. He showed no problem with shooting a 10 foot jumper instead off forcing it to the rim in traffic. He has good touch around the basket along with good footwork. Sure can also push the break and make good decisions in transition.

2021 F Donald Davis (Team Power) was a monster around the basket. He gets good position early and he knows how to finish through contact. He understands how to use his body whether posting up or boxing out. He plays with a lot of aggression and tenacity.

2021 PG Omari Deveaux (Team Loaded) shot the ball lights out from deep. I didn't see any of his 3-point attempts even touch the rim. The lefty has a nice stroke and he gets a good arc on his shot. This kid is small but plays with so much passion and attitude. He can also handle the rock and get to the basket. 

2021 PG Jamonte Smith (Team Loaded) is one of those kids you can ISO for no matter the defender. He's crafty with the rock, can get to the basket, and can finish. He can also knockdown the open 3-ball. 

2024 PG King Keary (NYBA) handled the rock well in a late championship win for his team. He made good use of the hesitation move, got in the lane, and finished using the floater in traffic. He has good touch on his floater and knows when to use it. He got one of his layup attempts blocked early and he made an adjustment going to the floater.  

2024 PG Tyrik Petway (Night Rydas) was terrific for his team. It was amazing seeing kids so young, understanding how to be patient and let the game come to them. This kid also uses the floater in the lane and he knows how to play the glass. He kissed a number of his floaters off the window and at a good angle. He also knocked down a deep 3-point attempt. This kid is something special to watch.

2022 G JaCari Lane (ATL Celtics) finished with 20 points in the championship game.   Lane displayed deep range as he knocked down 5 3-pointers in the game. You can’t leave this kid open or he will make you pay. Lane played very patient on offense and he didn’t force anything. 

2022 G Devin Farrell (ATL Celtics) finished with 27 points for the game. Farrell did a great job of attacking the rim and finishing. He had a number of drives where he went baseline and finished thru contact. Farrell also knocked down a couple of open 3s. 

2022 SG Bruce Thornton (ATL Celtics) was aggressive all game on both sides of the ball. He was attacking the rim on the offensive end. He wouldn’t be denied. He can also knock down the open jumper.

2022 CG Justice Williams (Hilltoppers) is lengthy and skilled. This kid was unstoppable all game. He gets to his spots on the floor and he cashes in. He has a nice handle of the rock and has a smooth pull up jumper. Williams got his team a bucket whenever they needed one. He uses the pick to make it easy for him to get into the lane where he is basically unstoppable. He’s good at drawing fouls, he went 13-14 from the line. Williams finished with 27 points and gave his team the win in overtime. 

2022 SG Zion Cruz is (Hilltoppers) another lengthy kid who is also skilled. He made a living at the front of the rim where he uses the floater to score. Cruz has a nice touch on his floater around the basket. He has a good handle of the rock which allowed him to continue to attack the rim. Once he gets downhill its either a bucket or he’s drawing a foul and getting to the line.

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