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Camp Right Way - Chicago

09/04/2017, 3:15pm EDT
By Darnell "Tate" Johnson

Amari Bailey stands out in Chicago

Each year Camp Right Way - Chicago keeps getting more and more kids represented from throughout the United States, with over 23 states were represented. I was impressed with the guard play, which comes as no surprise with Chicago's historical reputation of standout guards. 

This year the camp was loaded with quick, athletic guards. It was good seeing young kids playing both ends and picking up 94 feet. Quite a few players came in being unknowns and left on the national map. While others kids showed why their garnering national attention at an early age.

Below is just a few standout I observed last weekend:

2021 Isaiah Davis 6'1 G/F (Twin Cities Academy) St. Paul, MN

He had a real good feel for the game. Seemed to be in control and very patient. He could stroke it and didn't take many bad shots. He was a decent on ball defender.skilled 

2021 Nana Boateng 6'5 F (St. Michaels College) Toronto, Can

He played within himself. He was more physical then most the kids and used it to his advantage. He had a decent skill set that only looks to get better. He already has a grown mans body. I liked his touch 15 feet in.

2021 Evan Boyd 6' G (The Blake School) Minneapolis, MN

He's a physical wing that stayed on attack. He was up the court faster then most players and finished at the rim. He had no problem absorbing contact and finishing. He had decent handles but they need to get better. He hit the occasional shot from deep.

2021 Daylon Jordan 5'5 G (Desert Meadows) Laveen, AZ

He was another impressive one, who made his mark on the defensive end. He was jet quick and played lockdown defense on the ball and was good at playing the lanes. He attacked the basket on offense and didn't get to out of control to often.

2021 Keon Henderson 5'7 G (Academy of Warren) Detroit, MI

He's jet quick with nice handles. He has good vision and was very capable at running his team. He was also a good on the ball defender.

2021 Javonte Brown 6'9 C (Thornlea S.S.) Toronto, Can

This youngster is long and active. He has good touch around the basket but has to get better with his footwork. He was active in drills and seemed eager to learn. 

2021 Parker Day 6'4 F/C (White Pine MS) Saginaw, MI

He's not great shooting off the dribble, but if left open is a knock down shooter. He was good off screens and catch and shoot. He played hard all the time and was a good defender in the paint. He's not a great athlete but hustles up and down the court.

2021 Jordan Marinov 6'4 G/F (St. Michael's College)

He has a lot of tools to work with. He has good length, athletic, nice skill set and a Lil swag maybe to much at times. He has a chance to be very good. I would like to see him pay more attention and go harder in station work.

2022 Amari Bailey 6'3 G/F  (Skinner West Elementary) Chicago, IL

This kid has a lot of pressure on him with all the hype and visibility he's been getting. With all that being said, he seems to take it all in stride and thrives. He's not an arrogant kid and was a great teammate. He's very unselfish and has all the tools to score at will. It's great to see he's just a very talented kid trying to get better and have fun playing the game. 

2022 Ethan Oakley 6'6 C (North Harrison MS) New Salisbury, IN

The big fella runs and is real aggressive. He plays hard and is good finishing around the basket. He has a tendency to foul a lot, which means his playing more with his hands and not moving his feet.

2022 Mekhi Smith 5'6 G (St Anthony) Louisville, KY

This young fella can go. He had a nonstop motor and he competed from the opening of camp. He's very athletic and knows how to get buckets. He played on both ends of the court.

2022 Dubem Muoneke 6' G/F (Hamilton) Cypress, TX

He played with patience and under control and it didn't stop him from being aggressive. He stayed attacking the paint. He lived around the basket.

2022 Ben Michel 6'4 F (South Oldham MS) Crestwood, KY

He's long and very skilled. He has a very high I.Q. He stroked from deep and dropped dimes. He posted smaller players and went around the bigger ones. He guarded multiple position which is always a plus.

2022 Damonze Woods 6'5 F/C (Bonham MS) Amarillo, TX

He's long and still raw. He was very aggressive and ran the floor well. He finish at the basket. He needs more skill work, but has a very high upside. He was a very good rim protector.

2022 Malcolm Hamilton 6'2 G/F (Thurman Francis Arts Academy) Smyrna, TN

His game still in the awkward stage but he made plays and got stuff done. He scored in the post and hit the occasional midrange jumper.

2022 Calen Lightford 5'8 G (Monrovia MS) Huntsville, AL

From the moment he stepped on the court, until the last game played Sunday this young fella went hard. He played like he came to prove something and he did to me. He was tenacious on defense and stayed aggressive on offense. He's jet quick and was locking down all weekend. 

2022 Brendan Hausen 6'2 G (Bonham MS) Amarillo, TX

He had the total package. He can stroke from deep, he can get to the cup, he has excellent vision and good height for a young wing player. He played with so much confidence the whole weekend.

2022 Cameron Amboree 5'5 G (Briscoe JR High) Houston, TX

He's always one of the most skilled kids in camp. He's a gym rat that knows how to play. He has handles, can shoot from deep and knows the right pass to make and when to make it.

2022 Gradey Dick 6' G (Wichita Collegiate School) Wichita, KS

He was one of the toughest kids in camp. He went hard for loose balls and was the first on the floor. He can stroke it and was dropping dimes. He impressed me with the midrange jumper and the floater.

2022 Chance Perkins 6'2 G/F (Homeschool) Houston, TX

This may be one of my funnest kids for me to watch. Just a couple years ago he looked out of place and definitely didn't belong. His father threw him into the fire which is always a big gamble. Well he came out the other side and the kids turning into a baller. He still has a long way to go but with progress he's made I'm not going to doubt him. His best attribute and most important, he always plays hard.

2022 Devin Carney 5'9 G (North Allegheny) Pittsburgh, PA

He has a silky smooth game. He does everything well and plays with a lot of patience. His game has a lot of maturity. He has very good handles, a nice stroke and can score from all levels. He's a very solid defender, who's hard to beat off the dribble. The young kid just has a great understanding of the game and that's impressive.

2022 John-Paul Ricks 5'9 G (Jehova-Jitendra Christian Academy) Baton Rouge, LA

He's strong with the ball and knows how to get in the lane and make things happen. He's sneaky athletic and will get bye you and finish in traffic. 

2023 Grant Gondrezick 5'9 G (Countryside Academy) Benton Harbor, MI

This young man made a great transformation in just one year. He shredded many pounds. He much more quicker and fluid. He could always shoot, by now he has the sweet midrange and is quick enough to get to the cup and finish. He has excellent court vision. He always had the pedigree now he has the game.

2023 Kaden Brown 5'2 G (City MS) Grand Rapids, MI

He's may diminutive in size, but not heart and game. The young pg had a nice stroke and good handles and is tough as nails. He wasn't afraid to mix it up with the big fellas.

2023 Kameron Johnson 5' PG (Marrero MS) New Orleans, LA

This little fella was fun to watch. He was fearless going in the paint and had no problem scoring over the trees. You can tell he has a major chip on his shoulder and it showed. I like to see him, when he gets in the paint drop it off more and that should come as his matures.

The next top camp coming to the South is the Elite100 Middle School Showcase on Sunday October 15th at Meadowcreek High School in Atlanta, GA.  

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