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Camp Right Way

01/07/2018, 11:15am EST
By Darnell "Tate" Johnson

Houston showcases top middle school prospects

There wasn't the number of participants in this years Camp Right Way Houston as in past years due to the Hurricanes but that didn't seem to matter, it was still loaded with young talent. It was a great mixture of guards, wings and big men. I look forward to seeing quite a few of these young fellas make a national name for themselves in May at the International Middle School Combine.

Below is just a small list of the talent I observed in the camp:

2022 Bryce Griggs 6'1 G (Rodeo Palms Jr) Houston, TX
He is a man child and was totally unstoppable the whole camp. With that being said, he also was very unselfish and kept his teammates involved. He plays with a target on his back and that doesn't intimidate him at all. He s a very special talent.

2022 Joyful Hawkins 6'7 F/C (Jayne Byrne MS) Brunswick, GA
This big kid was fun to watch. A talented big man that played hard all the time. He was a monster on both ends. It's going to be fun watching his development, because he's still raw talent. He got some much done just by working hard.

2022 Paris Johnson Jr 6'2" G (KIPP SFA) Atlanta, GA
A big guard that can play off and on the ball. He scored at all three levels and was great at keeping his teammates involved. He defended multiple positions. I really liked his understanding of the game.

2022 Colin Smith 6'5 F (St Marks School of Texas) Dallas, TX
This young fella is very skilled and talented and played like he really loved the game. What's gotten me very excited is not how good he is now but his potential. The skies the limit for this young fella.

2022 Tre White 6'6 F/C (Prestonwood Christian Academy) Dallas, TX
He oozes with talent. He has very good footwork, soft hands and a nice touch around the basket. He has a very good understanding of the game for a young big man. When he tones his body up, his game will take a major step up.

2022 Anthony Grant  6'3 F (Bonaire Middle)  Kathleen, GA
He's long and athletic, he has good footwork and a good feel around the basket. He needs to work on his mid range and his motor needs to get better.

2022 Cole Satterwhite 6' G (Spillane MS) Houston, TX
I was really feeling his feel and understanding of the game. He has a nice stroke and didn't force much. His handles got him where he wanted to get too. He was very crafty.

2022 Xavier Owens 6'5 F (Klein Intermediate) Houston, TX
The young fellas very bouncy and has a very good offensive game. He has decent handles for his size. I really like his length. He's very efficient with his mid range game. Has a very bright upside.

2022 Cameron Crockett 6'1 F (Hodges's Bend MS) Houston, TX
He's very skilled with bounce. He has a all around game that can only get better, if he picks his motor up and gets more physical.

2022 Austin Nunez 5'9 San Antonio, TX
A lead guard that's physical with a good feel. He has a nice lefty stroke from deep and has no problem getting to the rim. He's a solid defender that will only get better. I like his potential.

2022 Conlie Christmas 6'4 F/C (Very Miller Jr. high) Houston, TX
He's long an awkward, plays hard and tough. He has a nice build and isn't afraid to use it. His range is limited, but plays within himself.

2022 Percy Daniels 6'5 C (Community of Apprentice Learning) Denham Springs, LA
He was skilled around the basket and played within his offensive limitations. What really stood at to me, was his junk yard dog mentality. He felt every rebound and loose ball belong to him. He protected the basket with physicality.

2022 Braden Turner 5'9 G (Phillips Prep MS) Mobile, AL
He has good size for a guard his age. He has decent and handles and a nice mid range game. He consistently got to the basket. He was a solid defender.

2022 Amaree Abram 5'10 F (Abraham Lincoln MS) Port Arthur, TX
Was a physical wing that stayed on attack and punished his opponents. He also was crafty and was good at getting to his sweet spot. There's nothing like a kid with a non stop motor.

2022 Camron Amboree 5'6 (Briscoe Jr High) Houston, TX
Cam is a gym rat with a high IQ. He scan knock down the 3, floater and get to the cup. He has a very good understanding of the game and where his teammates need to be.

2022 Jailan Ardoin 6'3 F (Tekoa Academy) Beaumont, TX
He's a real good athlete with a good motor. He was aggressive both days on both ends. He stood out on the defensive end.

2022 Walker Horn 6'1 G (Hill County MS) Austin, TX
I was very impressed with his handles and IQ. He had very good court vision and stroke it from deep. He can play both guard positions.

2022 Geoffrey Sprouse 5'6 G (Pembroke Pines Charter) Pembroke, FL
He was another one of those guards in camp that was jet quick and was raising havoc on both ends. He stayed in the lane making plays. I also was very impressed with his IQ.

2022 Parker Spann 5'10 G/F (Elkhorn Valley View MS) Omaha, NE
A high IQ wing that has a deep stroke and a good feel for the game. I really liked his court vision and his unselfishness.

2022 Terrance Arcenaux 6'4 C (Martin Lutheran King MS) Beaumont, TX
He's long with great size and a good body. He's aggressive on both ends, which makes hims a very good offensive and defensive rebounder. He contested many shots and he scored in spots.

2022  Brendon Mwamba 6'2 G (Berry Miller Jr) Pearland, TX
He's very aggressive and skilled. He scored at will and in bunches. He scored in a variety of ways. He had no problem getting to the cup. He kept content pressure on every player guarding him.

2023 Mason Manning 5'9 G (Sitwell MS) Jackson MS
Mason has always been skilled beyond his years, well he's finally had a growth spurt and his games hit another level. He's still jet quick and a tenacious player. He's stroking better from deep and he's guarding multiple players with his new found length.

2023 George Washington III 5'7 G (Homeschool) Spicewood, TX
For a young kid, he has a real smooth game and plays within himself. He can stroke from deep and consistently knock down the mid range shot.

2023 Jaland Lowe 5'3 G (Tanglewood MS)
Lowe has been playing up for while, sometimes as much as 3 grades. Well this camp was with his peers and him seemed very comfortable. He has very good handles and has a very nice left handed stroke. I was very impressed with his feel for the game.

2023 Jacolb Cole 5'7 G (Meyerland MS) Houston, TX
He was one of the deadliest shooters in the camp. More than not when left open it was money. He still needs to learn to put the ball on the floor when moved off his spot and that should come with more gym time.

2023 David Delancy 6'1 G (Franklin Academy) Pembroke Pines, FL
I really like his game. His game was real smooth. He has good handles and a nice lefty stroke. He played within himself. When he got to the basket had no problem finishing with contact.

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