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2018 John Lucas Elite Invitational

10/03/2018, 9:00am EDT
By Darnell "Tate" Johnson

Greg Brown up high for block

This the first year of the JL Elite Invitational and it was loaded with talent. It has some of the most elite kids in the midwest in the 2020, 2021 and 2022 classes. The guard play was outstanding and I would say overall there may have been over 90 to 100 division 1 prospects and that may be low. This is a mist event of the fall and I cant see it not getting bigger and better in the future.

Below is just a few of the standouts I observed below:

2021   Foster, Michael  Milwaukee, WI  Washington High   C.     6’9.    220

The big came to camp and showed why he’s garnering all this national acclaim. He’s agile and athletic, he can put the ball on the floor and make a move outside the paint. He’s the first big man down on the break and finishes above the rim. When he’s motor going full throttle he’s unstoppable. He has a decent touch from 17 feet in.

2019  Ramsey, Jahmius     Dallas, TX      Duncanville High School   G    6’4   180

This young mans one of the most explosive players in his class. He’s dynamic off the dribble and finishing on the break. His first step is incredible.  He finishes everything above the rim. His motor is non-stop and is very hard to match. His  jump shot is decent and the more consistent that it gets the better he will and that can be scary.

2019   Williams, Donovan  Missouri City, TX  Fort Bend Elkins                  G         6'6"     170

Williams has ever skill you want from aa wing player. He has deep range, he can put it on the floor and has nice bounce. He can score at all three levels. He’s a versatile defender by being able to  guard multiple positions. He’s definitely fun to watch.

2019   King, Elias     Suwanee, GA  Lincoln Academy     G         6'9"     170

He can shoot the heck out of it and put it on the floor. At times it looked like he was bored this past weekend, but you could see the talent. Because of his skill set and size, he’s s definite mismatch problem. He rebounds well from the wing.

2019   Baker, Will     Austin, TX   Westlake   C       7'0"     240

 He has great size and a great body. He runs the floor well for his size. He finishes well off the break, in traffic and above the rim. He has a soft touch on his jumper and is a excellent rim protector. He’ll surprise you by knocking down the 3 ball. When he gets to college and tightens up his body, his game will take a tremendous leap.

2020   Robinson, Chanse  Ruston, LA     Lincoln Prep Highschool      G       6’0"     175

This kid is taking the nation by storm and I can see why. Straight off scoring two touchdown last Thursday, then  coming to camp and being one of the most aggressive, athletic and skilled kids here. He was punishing off the dribble and terrific off the bounce. From coast to coast, there was no player faster then him in the camp. On the defensive end he played with the same aggressiveness and energy.

2020   Stone, Jayden          Anniston, AL Sacred Heart 2020   G         6’3”     175

This was only my second time seeing Jayden play. The first time he was more of an attacker and bucket getter. This time he played with more patience. He got his teammates involved and showed more floor general potential. Im impressed with his range and physicality. He played through contact and finished.

2021   Blackmon, Jalen  Fort Wayne, IN Marion High School G         6'2"     155

He’s the last of the Blackmon brothers and it seems he done soaked up a little knowledge from all of them. He’s skilled and crafty. He has the family knack for getting buckets and can do it in bunches.

2020   Cryer, L.J.      Katy, TX        Morton Ranch Junior High G         6'2"     175

He’s your prototypical combo guard. He can lead from PG, but looks more comfortable when he’s moved over to SG and allowed to be aggressive and attack. He does most his work going to the basket, but he can knock down the 3 ball and has a decent mid-range game. His a physical combo guard.

2020   Key, Zed   Bayshore, NY    Long Island Lutheran          F          6'8"     230

He has a strong body and decent footwork. He plays physical and will punish you. He knows his strength and plays to them. If he gets to his spot in the post your in trouble. He had a nice mid range touch.

2021   Mutombo, Bretner    Suwanee, GA           Lincoln Academy     C         6'11"   195

This young fella played with much energy and was very physical against the older players. He showed good touch around the basket. He was tenacious on the glass on both ends. He contested shot after shot. He still needs to work on his footwork and range on his jump-shot.

2020   Lampkin, Eddie        Katy, TX         Morton Ranch High School C         6'10"   285

The big boy has a chance to be special, when he sheds 35 to 45 pounds. He has soft hands and light feet.  He strong and plays with power. He has very good footwork. He plays with energy and enthusiasm. He’s definitely fun to watch. If he wants to be great, it’s all on him.

2020   LeBlanc, Isaiah        Missouri City, TX      Ridge Point High School  G           6'3"     175

This young man been balling for years. He gets buckets and will score in a variety of ways. He loves attacking the rim and that’s always a positive, but if that’s the case you must stay healthy and absorb the contact.

2020   Dawson, Dylan         Humble, TX   Atascocita     G         6'3"     175

He had a very nice stroke and played with patience. He let the game come to him and had nice maturity to his game. I like the way he played with much confidence.

2020   Brown III, Gregory   Austin, TX      Vandegrift High School       F          6'9"     195

Gb, has a chance to be a very, very special player. If theirs a more versatile player in his class please show me. He’s putting it on the floor and leading the break, he’s worked on his post play and footwork. He’s jump-shots getting better. He’s a very active and versatile defender and a very good shot blocker. The skies the limit for this young player.

2020   Long, Jahari Houston, TX  Bellaire Episcopal   G         6'4"     190

I liked how he attacked the basket. He got to the rim and finished with contact. He had a nice mid-range game. He had decent ball handling skills, but still  could use some work. He needs to work more on getting teammates involved.

2020   Howard, Jace           Fort Lauderdale, FL NSU Lauderdale                 G         6'6       200

He’s strong guard that plays downhill. When needs to he can finesse you. I liked the way he absorb contact and finished. He has decent ball skills and court vision. When he wants, is a very effective defender.

2020   Lane, Niels   Freehold, NJ The Perkiomen School       G         6'5"     196

He plays coast to coast and played aggressive from the start of camp until the last game. He guarded 94 feet and made it a problem for opponents getting to where they  wanted to go. He played with a little nastiness and attitude. If you were caught sleeping he made you pay.

2020   Peavy, Micah            Dallas, TX      Duncanville HS        G/F      6'7"     210

This may be the best I’ve ever seen this young man play. He had the whole arsenal in effect. He was knocking from deep and attacking the rim with authority. He was playing very good defense. He was rebounding and blocking shots, but the most important thing he was physical and seemed to welcome the physicality.

2020   Jackson, Jonathan  Stilwell, KS    Blue Valley High School     G         6'4"     185

He has all the mannerism of his older brother, North Carolina star and NBA 1st round pick Justin Jackson. He has the same sweet stroke, the mid-range game and the feel of the game.. he just wasn’t blessed with the 6’9 height. With all that being said Jonathan knows the game and can ball.

2020   Hefner, Hayden       Nederland, TX          Nederland High School      G         6'5"     170

 He was one of the most impressive kids at the camp. You really had to know basketball to see his game, because he didn’t force nothing and played under control at all times. He has a sweet stroke and major bounce. He can handle and has good court vision and awareness. He surprised me and was a way better defender then I expected.

2020   Hale, Nicholas          Pearland, TX Shadow Creek High School           F          6'6"     180

A lefty with a nice stroke that knocked down 3 after 3. He runs the floor and gets to his spot and seems to always be in position to let it fly. When he wasn’t shooting he wasn’t doing much else. Has the ability to do more.

2020          Johnson, Isaiah           Cerritos, CA  Bishop Montgomery F          6'7"     198

He oozes talent and when he plays is very effective, I just like to see him do more. He has good footwork and a nice shot. He didn’t get to physical and needs to play way more aggressive.

2021   Adams, KJ     Austin, TX      St Andrews   G/F      6'7"     205

You can argue that KJ needs to bring it all the time, but when he does there’s not many in his class are older that can hold him. He has decent handles, is strong off the dribble. He can score in the paint with either hand and finishes above the rim. When he decides he wants to dominate night in and night out, he will become a major, major problem.

2021   Powell, Duncan        Desoto, TX Desoto high school   G/F      6’8"     220

He’s gotten stronger and always has been skilled. He has a nice touch from midrange. Good footwork And can score with either hand. He may not get taller but against taller players you wont outwork him. He has so much Perry Ellis (past Kansas great),in his game, that’s it’s crazy.

2021   Ingram, Harrison      Dallas, TX      St Mark’s School of Texas G         6’7"     205

This young mans been on the map in Texas for a minute. He’s now showing the whole country his real value. He has great size and a good skill set for his age. He showed good touch from 20 feet in. I really liked his hands and footwork.

2021   Onu, Sam      San Antonio, TX       Texas Christian        C         7'0"     235

The big fella got a chance. He was the most aggressive that I’ve seen him in along time this past weekend. He rand the floor and contested shots. He finish at the rim and played within himself.

2021   Frederick, Sherwin          Port St Lucia, FL    Treasure Coast High School      G       6’2     130

He’s a little light in the seat but he can play. He played within himself and under control. He let the game come to him and didn’t force nothing. He must get stronger and more aggressive.

2021   Colvert, Jerrell          Pasadena, TX           Sam Rayburn           F          6'9"     196

The young fellas long and athletic. He has a nice skill set and decent stroke from 15 feet in. I liked how he ran the floor and finished. He has a very good upside. I don’t think he realizes his true potential yet.

2022   Holloman, TreJuan  Minneapolis, MN      Cretin Durham Hall G         6’1"     165

I was highly impressed with the young fella from Minnesota. He played in gears and handle the ball on a string. He’s jet quick and there’s nowhere on the court he cant get. He competed just ass hard on the defensive end and guarded 94 feet. He has a decent jumper and knocked down a couple floaters. He’s going to be a problem for anybody trying  guarding him, here on out.

2022   Stewart, Adam          Houston, TX  Waller High School  F/C      6'10"   215

The young man was aggressive and played with a good motor. He wasn’t afraid to bang. He showed good offensive moves in flashes. Believe me he has a lot of work in front of him, but you cant teach size and coordination.

2022   Griggs, Bryce            Fresno, TX    Hightower High    G 6'2"     170

He always been one of the best payers in his class and still is. He’s strong, decent handles and bullies his way to the cup. He has very good court vision and strong handles. Now for him to maintain his excellence, he must evolve his game. I love to see him learn to play with the screen and make the game easy for him. He’s a great kid, with a tremendous work ethic, so I have no problem seeing continued success.

2022   White, Tre'     Dallas, TX      Little Elm High school         G         6’4      190

Hes worked so hard his game, that when I last saw him play I felt he was a wing player. After this past weekend I can see him playing some lead guard in high school. This plays like seasoned senior. He very poised and plays with a flair. He being receiving a lot of accolades lately and they seem well deserved. This kids a baller.

2022   Nunez, Austin           Garden Ridge, TX    Randolph High School       G         6’0"     140

There be no kid in the country, in his class playing with the level of confidence he’s playing with. The way he’s stroking the ball is outstanding. When closed out on, he’s putting on the floor and getting to the cup. He dropped the occasional dime and he can do more of that. He always been on the Texas seen, but nationally he’s starting to make his mark.

2022   Perkins, Chanse      Spring, TX     Homeschool  F         6'3       170

The strides this young mans made in his game has been incredible. Just two years ago he wasn’t good enough to play with just the good players in his class, now he’s playing with some of the elite players  two grades up. He plays within himself and just lets the game come to him. His jumper gotten better along with his ball handling skills.

2022   Rice, Marquise         Creedmoor, NC        Durham Academy    G         6'5"     205

He was a young bull. He was aggressive and scored in the paint at will. He dominated with his physicality. He was also skilled, he had decent handles and could pass the rock. He was a very aggressive rebounder on both ends. He was punishing all weekend.

2022   Stewart, Kaleb          Crosby, TX    Crosby High School G         6'3"     168

The young mans jet quick and can get to anywhere he wants on the court. He loves attacking the basket and most the time finished are dropped off a dime. He’s young and its expected, but he must play more under control. I also liked the way he defended.

2022   Ngom, Mohamed     San Antonio, TX       Texas Christian        F/C      6'10"   200

He’s athletic and bouncy. He runs the floor like a greyhound. He’s a terror on the glass on both ends. He seemed to contest every jumper that went up. I loved his motor and his upside.

2022      Hutchinson-Everett, Elijah    Montclair, NJ    Immaculate Conception High School  C    6’10  234

The young fella definitely looks the part. He showed potential in flashes but he still has major, major work in front of him. He was aggressive at times and played hard. He did finishes around the basket a good portion of the time, when he had chances. He’s definitely a player on my list to watch his development the next few years.



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